Information for Faculty/Project PIs

The following pages provide information that might be of specific use to faculty members or other project Principal Investigators (PIs).


  • ColdFront: Interface for requesting compute or storage allocations

  • Cost Center: Description of ARC's cost center program if you need more resources than ARC provides for free (even in short intervals for conference deadlines, etc)

  • Investment Program: Description of ARC's investment program if you want to acquire a dedicated portion of one of ARC's systems

  • FE&R Statement: Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources statement for inclusion in proposals

  • Citations: Example acknowledgement of ARC for inclusion in papers that were prepared with the help of our systems

  • Account Lifecycle: Elligibility, creation, maintenance, and deactivation of user accounts for ARC systems.

  • External Accounts: Access to ARC systems for people external to Virginia Tech