Investment Program


The investment program is for researchers or projects who want dedicated resources from ARC over some period of time:

  • For long-term (1-5 year) project needs

  • Reserved compute hardware via dedicated partition (with preemptable overlay)

  • Expansion of Project or Work via quota increase

  • Requestable through the IT Service Catalog > Software & Computing Devices > ARC High Performance Computing:

If you are less interested in dedicated hardware and just want to use more resources than ARC provides for free – for example, in bursts before conference deadlines – you might instead consider the Cost Center.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An investment Memoradum Of Understanding (MOU) is updated and made available for each new cluster as it comes online. The current MOU covers TinkerCliffs.

For example investment MOUs, see below:

To Invest

If you have interest in learning more about the Investment Computing Program, please submit a consultation request. ARC can provide a brief presentation on the Investment Computing program at department meetings or to research teams if desired.