Open OnDemand

Open OnDemand is a web portal that provides access to ARC HPC clusters. It facilitates clusters’ access and job management without the need for Linux experience or any installations on the client-side. The only requirement is an up-to-date web browser. Firefox or Chrome are preferred.


OnDemand provides the following features

  • File Management and Transfer

  • Job Management

  • Shell Access

  • Interactive Apps

Usage instructions

  • In order to use OnDemand, you will need to be using the university network or on VPN (VT Traffic over SSL VPN)

  • Once connected, go to either:

  • Then, you can log in using your VT credentials (PID and password). If already logged into another VT site, you may not need to enter any credentials at all.


OnDemand provides interactive apps on each of the clusters, as shown in the image below.

See also our video tutorial.

For complete documentation, please visit Ohio Supercomputer Center, which develops Open OnDemand detailed documentation pages.